IS 451 Technical Fundamentals of Information Systems

Course Information
Lecturer Prof. Dr. Christian Becker
Coordination Martin Breitbach
Type Lecture
Language English
Applicable for B.Sc. Business Administration
Start Tuesday, February 11, 2020 (noon, in O148)


This lecture teaches technical basics of information systems and addresses students that want to gain technical knowledge of information systems for IT-related jobs or Master studies. The lecture covers basic principles of a computer’s operations and programming, and gives an introduction to standard algorithms, data structures, and networking. Based on IS 301, the lecture further introduces into software engineering. Topics of the lecture are: 

  • Basics of digital computers
    • Binary system, data representation
    • Information processing, programming
  • Basics of algorithms
  • Typical problems of information processing
    • Algorithms for searching and sorting of information
    • Data structures, e.g., arrays, trees, lists, hashing, graphs
    • Complexity estimation
  • Distributed systems and computer networks
  • Software engineering: basics and interfaces to the departments 
    • Development processes
    • Requirements analysis

Learning Outcomes

Participants of the lecture acquire skills in:

  • basic concepts of computers,
  • basic knowledge of algorithms,
  • basic algorithms for searching, sorting and data structures,
  • computer networks and distributed systems and
  • the procedure of software engineering.