Computational Thinking

Lecturer Prof. Dr. Christian Becker
Exercises Melanie Heck
Type 4L + 2E
ID-number IS 554
Prerequisites none
Course Language English
Form of assessment Written (90 min) or oral examination
Registration Not required. To get access to the course material, please enter the module in the Portal2.
Applicable for M.Sc. Management, M.Sc. Business Education
Start HWS 2021

Aim of module

This module will provide essential knowledge of the technological foundations of information systems.  Based on this, students will be able to assess technology but also to contribute to design science related courses.

Learning Outcomes

The students will learn basic concepts of computer hardware (von Neumann architecture) and system software (operating systems concepts), programming fundamentals (Java), as well as algorithms and data structures (searching, sorting, lists, hash-tables, trees). After this module, the students will be able to understand the basic architectures of modern information systems. They are able to model problems and solve them using standard algorithms and programming languages.