Master Thesis


Prerequisite for writing a master thesis at the Chair of Information Systems 2 for MMM students is a seminar in the area IS. It is recommended to take the seminar at the Chair of Information Systems 2. Nevertheless, any one of the seminar modules IS 702, IS 712, IS 722, IS 732, IS 742 is accepted. Further, seminars from other areas of the Business School or Business Informatics faculty can be accepted on request. Business Informatics Master students are required to have at least 60 ECTS on their transcript. Additionally, we highly recommend having attended courses of the chair.

Contrary to other chairs at the Area IS, we do systems related research, hence, we build software systems. Therefore, programming is a must for Business Informatics students. Preferred programming languages are Java and C/C++. MMM students may implement, but are not obligated to do so.

In case of questions, please contact Martin Breitbach.


Taking up the topics of the chair's fields of research, all theses are assigned by the research assistants of the chair. Currently, we are working on the following topics:

  • Sonja Klingert researches in the area of smart grid and electromobility (ELECTRIFIC project).
  • Anton Wachner works in the field of gaze-based human-computer interaction and visual input systems for mobile devices (EyeT Lab).
  • Melanie Heck researches dynamic context acquisition for profiling in adaptive user interfaces.
  • Melanie Brinkschulte works on a self-adaptive and QoS-aware middleware for cyber-physical networking.
  • Michael Matthé researches self-adaptive communication systems (CRC MAKI).

Kindly contact the researcher in charge of the research field you are interested in. Please add a current CV and transcript of records. In a then following meeting you may work out the topic of your thesis.

Please avoid contacting various research assistants at the same time without notifying them. If several topic areas are relevant for you, either contact all relevant persons in one email simultaneously (using the CC function) or write the contact person indicated below. This helps to reduce overhead. 

Should you have general questions, please contact Martin Breitbach.


Here you can find the guidelines for the Master Thesis.


A LaTeX template can be found here