Brief CV

from 2019.11 Senior Researcher at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
2019.1 – 2019.10 Senior Researcher at Universität Mannheim
2017.1 – 2018.12 Alexander von Humboldt Fellow at Universität Mannheim (Wirtschafts­informatik II)
2018.10 – 2013.5 Assistant Professor in the Department of Telematic Engineering, University Carlos III of Madrid
2014.3 – 2014.9 Visiting Researcher, Dependable Systems and Software group, Technische Universität Darmstadt (Germany)
2013.4 – 2009.10 Ph.D. in Telematic Engineering and Teaching Assistant, University Carlos III of Madrid
2012.1 – 2011.9 Student Research Assistant at NEC Laboratories Europe, Heidelberg
2009.9 – 2008.9 MSc in Telematic Engineering, University Carlos III of Madrid and Polytechnic University of Catalonia
2008.9 – 2007.3 Research Assistant, Nokia- University Carlos III of Madrid
2007.9 Telecommunication Engineering, University Carlos III

Research Interest

  • Information Security, Authentication, Identity Management, Pervasive Computing, Secure Cloud Computing

Selected Publications


  1. Arias-Cabarcos, P., Almenárez, F., Díaz-Sánchez, D., Marín, A. FRiCS: A Framework for Risk-driven Cloud Selection. Proceedings of the second International Workshop on Multimedia Privacy and Security (MPS  2018), ACM CCS 2018.
  2. Arias-Cabarcos, P., Marín, A., Palacios, D., Almenárez, F. and Díaz-Sánchez, D. Comparing Password Management Software: Toward Usable and Secure Enterprise Authentication. IEEE IT Professional, 18(5), pp.34-40. Sept/Oct 2016.
  3. Arias-Cabarcos, P., Almenárez, F., Trapero, R., Díaz-Sánchez, D. and Marín. „Blended Identity: Pervasive IdM for Continuous Authentication“. IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine, vol. 13(3), May/June 2015.
  4. Arias-Cabarcos, P., Almenárez-Mendoza, F., Marín-López, A., Díaz-Sánchez, D. and Sánchez-Guerrero, R. A metric-based approach to assess risk for „On Cloud“ Federated Identity Management. Springer's Journal of Network and Systems Management, Special Issue on Cloud Computing, Networking, and Service (CCNS) Management. 20(4), pp.513-533 (2012).
  5. Sánchez, R., Almenares, F., Arias, P., Díaz-Sánchez, D. and Marín, A. „Enhancing privacy and dynamic federation in IdM for consumer cloud computing.“ IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics 58(1), pp.95-103. (2012).
  6. Patricia Arias. „Risk Assessment for Better Identity Management in Pervasive Environments“. PerCom Phd Forum 2011. Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. 23 March 2011.

Full list of publications in Google Scholar.