Dipl. rer. pol. Sonja Klingert

Dipl. rer. pol. Sonja Klingert

Wissenschaft­liche Mitarbeiterin
Universität Mannheim
Lehr­stuhl für Wirtschafts­informatik II
L 15, 1-6 – Raum 707
68161 Mannheim
nach Vereinbarung

Brief CV

since 03/2016 Researcher, Chair for Information Systems II, University of Mannheim; Local Lead EU H2020 Project ELECTRIFIC
10/2018-12/2018 Visiting researcher at University of Twente, DACS group, Prof. Boudewijn Haverkort
04/2013-07/2013 Visiting researcher at Department Telematic Engineering, Dr. Xavier Hesselbach-Serra, Universitat Polytecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona
01/2010-02/2016 Researcher, Chair for Software Engineering, University of Mannheim; Team Lead: GreenIT Group; Local Lead EU FP7 Projects FIT4Green, All4Green, DC4Cities
08/2008-12/2009 Project Coordinator, School for Information Technology , International University in Germany, Bruchsal
08/2006-07/2008 Project Assistant, School for Information Technology , International University in Germany, Bruchsal
10/2004-07/2006 Teaching assignment at the Language Department of University of Karlsruhe (English)
01/1997-12/1998 Freelance researcher at Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment, Energy, Wuppertal (Department Material Flows, Dr. F. Hinterberger)
09/1996 Diploma Economics at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany

Roles & Research Statement

My main research interest lies in the power adaptivity of various power demand units, be it data centres (EU FP7 SME Projects Fit4Green, ALL4Green and DC4 Cities) or electric vehicles (EU H2020 RIA project Electrific) and the interaction with the power system (e.g. via demand response). I am looking at this from various viewpoints, amongst which are optimization modeling (MILP) but also scenario building, business modeling and market analysis. Obviously, I am flexible regarding methodology, but I am thoroughly fascinated by the new paradigm of the future energy system that needs to rely on both flexible demand and supply. What I enjoy most, is working with a highly motivated, interdisciplinary team on paving the way for the energy turnaround.

My role in research activities is the lead of EU collaborative projects with regards to GreenIT and context-aware power consumption for the University of Mannheim.

In consistency with my research interest I support Scientists4Future. Please contact me in case you need support on this issue.




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