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New Professor for Taxation at the Business School

Philipp Dörrenberg New Chairholder

WirtschaftsWoche ranking of the 100 top researchers in business administration

Three Mannheimer professors among the top ten.

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Gap Year in Accounting & Taxation

New pilot project in the Area of Accounting & Taxation

Prof. Spengel becomes managing editor of tax journal

The professor for taxation takes over as managing editor of „Steuer und Wirtschaft“

Online Experience Day on March 14, 2019

Gain personal insights about the study programs of the University of Mannheim, Business School, without having to leave your desk!

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Research award for Laura Marie Edinger-Schons

For her habilitation, the Professor for Corporate Social Responsibility was awarded with the Max-Weber-Prize for Business Ethics by the German Economic Institute

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First place in Germany for Mannheim

Mannheim Business Administration reaches national leading position in the Financial Times European Business School Ranking 2018 and ranks 18th Europe-wide.

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Professor Spengel attends hearing at EU Parliament

Tax professor from Mannheim explains cum/cum and cum/ex deals.

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Dissertation award for Assistant Professor Danja R. Sonntag

Best doctorate 2018

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Mannheim tax research in the focus of the media

Cum-Ex/Cum-Cum deals: tax expert Christoph Spengel plays a significant role in the recalculation of the tax loss