• Library

    Opening times by appointment: Please send us an email to: risk

    The library is located in Room O328 (third floor) of the castle.
    To access the library use the stairs opposite to room O228.

    Bettina Muser

    Contact Person

    If you have questions or suggestions, please contact Bettina Muser.


  • Letters of Recommendation

    In most cases, the preparation of expert opinions is organised centrally by the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Business Administration. More detailed information on the corresponding application process can be found here.

  • Learning Agreements

    Students in the MMM can find information on course recognition and learning agreements here; M. Sc. students in business education will find them here. The business school’s undergraduate and double degree students will be informed directly by the dean’s office. Students from other schools with a minor in business should contact Cathrin Rieger at the dean’s office.