FIN 560 Risk Management of Insurance Companies

General Information

Lecturer Prof. Dr. Peter Albrecht
Exercises Jan Bauer
Credit Points 8 ECTS
Hours per week 4 hours
Language German
Grading Written exam (90 Min.)


Please note that the lecture will not be offered in HWS 2019. 

Jan Bauer, M.Sc.

Jan Bauer, M.Sc.

Contact person for Risk Management of Insurance Companies

For further information please contact Jan Bauer

    Course Structure

  • Subject

    Subject of this course will be the management of risks, which insurance companies (in life as well as in non-life insurance) cover within the scope of their insurance activities.


  • Objectives

    After a successful completion of the course, participants will be able to quantify insurance risks in life and non-life insurance. Students will know the most important instruments regarding risks (premium and tariff calculation, solvency, technical reserves, reinsurance, risk-adjusted performance management) and will be able to apply the respective basic methods.


  • Requirements

    Formal: none

    Recommended: Students taking this course should be able to apply basic probability theory and statistics as well as basic finance mathematics and capital budgeting. 

  • Lecture Materials

    All materials will be made available via ILIAS. The password will be provided in the kick-off lecture. 


  • Evaluation Results