Structure of the program

At the beginning of the 5th semester of your bachelor’s degree (fall semester, from September/October onwards), there will be a list available of our partner companies offering internships (information about department, location, duration, contact).

You only have to send one application to the area management team of the Area Accounting & Taxation and make a ranking regarding the offered internships.

At the beginning of your last semester of your bachelor’s, a selection meeting will take place. You will complete an interview and have the chance to get to know the company representatives of the companies you applied for.

After completing the selection day successfully, we will offer you an internship for the upcoming year.

During the Gap Year you will complete three internships, four months in duration each, on different locations and in different areas. To stay in contact, we will invite you to the University of Mannheim after each internship to reflect on your experiences, to give you further guidance and offer you a supporting academic program. Please find more information about the academic program here.