The DFG Collaborative Research Centre MAKI (Multi-Mechanism Adaptation for the Future Internet) investigates adaptations, evolution, and constant optimization of communication mechanisms. The overall goal is to achieve runtime transitions between protocols and other communication functionality at runtime. MAKI is managed by TU Darmstadt. The Chair of Information Systems 2 participates as part of sub project A4 in the project. You can find more general information about MAKI here.

Sub project A4 investigates the selection and configuration of network adaptations on the application layer using software product lines. We aim to incorporate this technique including its feature modeling approach for specifying the configuration space into a middleware supporting multi-layer network adaptations. In sub project A4 we work together with Prof. Dr. Andy Schürr from TU Darmstadt. You can find more information about sub project A4 as part of MAKI here.

Contact: Martin Pfannemüller