OPM 591 Strategic Procurement (Fall)


During the last decades, the value sourced from suppliers and innovation stemming from the supply base have increased substantially in many industries. Consequently, purchasing's role has shifted from a clerical support role in the corporate hierarchy to a truly strategic and proactive role that drives growth, innovation, and value creation. Today, most organizations consider the management of their suppliers as a key strategic issue. Given its potential to contribute significantly to firm performance, the procurement function receives strong top management attention.

This module provides a broad survey of modern procurement theory and practice from a strategic perspective. Topics include the design and implementation of procurement strategies, processes, organizational structures, and performance measurement systems, as well as the management of supplier portfolios, buyer-supplier relationships, and supplier innovation to meet firms' strategic supply needs.


This course is recommended for anyone seeking an introduction to procurement and, more generally, a better understanding of upstream supply chain issues.

The main intended learning outcome is to obtain the basic knowledge that enables further steps in procurement research and practice. Based on current theories and a broad coverage of topics, participants will learn how to analyze, structure, and tackle strategic problems surrounding the procurement function.


The module consists of regular lectures and exercise classes in which extended and short cases will be discussed. High-caliber guest speakers will serve as a rich source of practical insights.