OPM 791 Research Seminar Procurement (Fall)


This seminar examines current procurement topics from a research perspective. By writing a paper on a specific topic, students will deepen their understanding of procurement and supply chain research and its implications for practice. The suggested topics will emphasize research rather than application and will be related to the current research interests of the Endowed Chair of Procurement.

Participants will obtain an introduction to business research and to scientific writing in the context of supply (chain) management.


The main intended learning outcome is to attain the competences for writing a high-quality (research-oriented) master thesis about a topic in the broader procurement arena. Participants will learn how to structure a research question systematically and how to independently gather the knowledge of the foundations, structures, and methodologies underlying a given topic. In addition, participants will learn how to present research findings.


The main deliverables of this module are a research paper, which each participant prepares independently over the course of the semester, and a corresponding in-class presentation at the end of the module.

At the end of each preceding spring semester, the specific topics are published and the obligatory registration takes place.


  • Responsible lecturerProf. Dr. Christoph Bode
  • Language: English
  • ECTS: 6
  • Format and hours per week: Schedule will be provided at the kick-off meeting
  • Form of assessment: Seminar paper + presentation + contribution to in-class discussion
  • Teaching material: Each participant will be provided with a literature “starting package"


Please click here to see the set of topics for Fall 2018.