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Business & Society Seminar of the Chair of CSR

Taking place in Mannheim from June 20-22, 2018.

In a globalized world, the increasing power of business yields both, positive social, environmental, and political engagement as well as negative externalities. One potential approach to overcome the negative effects of this development is the redefinition of the role of organizational stakeholders. But how can stakeholders be empowered in order to promote social innovation, as well as sustainable production and consumption? This challenge, among many other questions, will be discussed at this year’s “Business & Society Seminar”.

The 8th edition of the „Business & Society Seminar“, hosted by the Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility of the University of Mannheim, Business School, will take place in Mannheim from June 20-22, 2018. The objective of this three-day seminar is to bring together doctoral students, emerging scholars, and more experienced academics to present and discuss their research projects and receive feedback. Participants will explore commonalities and differences in each other’s research approaches and themes in an inspiring, sociable, and convivial academic setting. Besides plenary discussions and workshops dedicated to research methodology and publication strategy, the event will also focus on promoting collaboration and dialogue with practitioners through joint roundtables.

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