Photo credit: Felix Zeiffer

CHE Masterranking

Mannheim with national top-scores.

In the current edition of the CHE Masterranking for Business Schools, Mannheim gets the best evaluations. It receives the top grade in twelve out of 13 categories; among others study situation, course offer, support during studies, and professional relevance. The results are based on a student survey conducted between April and July 2017.

The evaluation of five selected criteria was published on December 5 in the ZEIT Campus magazine. Mannheim receives the best grade in all five categories, together with only two other German business schools (University of Göttingen and HHL Leipzig):

  • Transfer from Bachelor to the Master
  • Academic relevance
  • International orientation
  • Graduation in adequate time
  • Allover study situation

The evaluation underlines Mannheim’s position as leading German business school.

Results are available online as well as in the current edition of the print magazine ZEIT Campus.