Info Event on the new Gap Year Accounting & Taxation (for bachelor students)


L 5, 5, Raum 103

Before the new Gap Year in Accounting & Taxation will start off in summer 2019, important questions regarding the structure and application process will be clarified during the info session.

During the Gap Year, which takes place after the end of the bachelor’s degree and before the start of a master’s program, participants have the chance to complete internships in Germany as well as abroad that will demonstrate the complete bandwidth of the area of taxation and accounting. The Big4 of the industry – Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC – were won as corporate partners for the project, as well as the industrial companies BASF, Bosch and Merck. Interested students apply with only a single application for the entire Gap Year program, which consists of up to three internships, each over a period of four months. The Gap Year is accompanied by an academic framework program which takes place at the University of Mannheim. With hard and soft skill workshops, special lectures and courses at master level, it offers great value for the academic and personal development of participants and builds an excellent basis for a subsequent master’s program at the University of Mannheim. 

Here you can register for the information session: