Photo credit: Siegfried Herrmann

Journal Article Awarded

Contribution by Prof. Heinzl and colleagues honored by A+ Journal

The professors Jens Foerderer, Thomas Kude, Sunil Mithas and Armin Heinzl have received the Best Paper Award 2018 of the renowned journal Information Systems Research (ISR) for their contribution “Does Platform Owner's Entry Crowd Out Innovation? – Evidence from Google Photos”, which has been published in June 2018. The article reveals that competition between platform owners and complementors in digital platform markets does not – contrary to popular belief in economic theory – lead to a decline in the innovation activity of the complementors, but can instead stimulate it under certain conditions. 

Jens Förderer and Thomas Kude have studied Information Systems at the University of Mannheim and have achieved their doctorates and habilitation under Professor Heinzl at the Chair of General Management and Information Systems at the Mannheim School of Business. Today, they work as professors at the TU Munich and the ESSEC Business School respectively. Sunil Mithas (University of South Florida) visited the University of Mannheim for the first time in June 2013, after being invited by Professor Heinzl. 

The journal Information Systems Research is part of the FT50 as well as the UTD ranking and is rated as an A+ journal by the JourQual 3 of the German Academic Association for Business Research (VHB). The article can be viewed here.