Photo credit: Felix Zeiffer

New video: Living more sustainably as a student

Professor gives advice on how to make everyday life as a student more sustainable

“Fridays for Future” demonstrations, political debates on climate agreements and laws banning straws or cotton buds - unlike a few years ago, the topic of sustainability is now close to omnipresent. We know that we need to change things! But still, many of us find it difficult to consider the environment in our purchasing decisions. Yet why is it so difficult for us to consume sustainably?

Laura Marie Edinger-Schons is a professor for Corporate Social Responsibility at the University of Mannheim, Business School. In her research, she focuses on the social responsibility of corporations, consumer responsibility and sustainable behaviour. For the series “Wirtschaftlich Gedacht” (“Thinking Economically”), she narrates on video what each individual can do to protect the climate. Watch the video now on YouTube...