Photo credit: Siegfried Herrmann

Prof. Dr. Dieter Truxius Says Goodbye to the Dean’s Office of the Business School

With the end of this semester’s lecture period, Dieter Truxius is leaving the Dean’s Office of the Business School. Following Dr. Jürgen M. Schneider, the former CFO of the logistics service provider Dachser had taken on the position as Dean in February 2016. Now, after over three years as the Dean of the Business School, he will retire.

At the beginning of 2016, Prof. Truxius was appointed as dean. Just as his predecessor Dr. Jürgen M. Schneider, he was coming from a commercial background: he was CFO at the logistics service provider Dachser. As full-time dean, he managed the faculty board and the management team of the Business School. Prior to his term, he had already served as a lecturer and honorary professor at the Business School.

Together with the Business School, Prof. Truxius successfully mastered challenges of the international academic landscape. With numerous successful negotiations on the appointment and retention of academic staff, he greatly contributed to the preservation and improvement of the Business School’s competitiveness. Beyond this, he also encouraged cross-faculty cooperation, especially in the strategically important competence field of Data Science and Analytics.

Prof. Truxius further promoted the professionalization of internal structures and successfully obtained significant improvements for the modern fiscal management of the Business School. Besides his efforts as Dean, he kept up with his teaching. His lectures on “value-based controlling in corporate practice” were well received by the students, especially because of his broad experience. “One of the Business School’s greatest strengths are its students – of course also because they are being well educated by the Business School, but especially because they are ambitious and cheerful, humble and confident at the same time; a characteristic you don’t find somewhere else very often. During my business career, I have recruited several graduates from here and my experiences have always been very positive,” says Prof. Truxius today in retrospect.

Recently, Prof. Truxius has initiated a trend-setting strategy process, which is supposed to sustainably strengthen the Business School’s competitiveness. The Business School sincerely thanks Prof. Truxius for his commitment and the contribution he made during his term towards the development of the University of Mannheim, Business School.