Prof. Spengel becomes managing editor of tax journal

The professor for taxation takes over as managing editor of „Steuer und Wirtschaft“

As of January 1, 2019, Professor Christoph Spengel, holder of the Chair of Business Administration and Taxation II, holds the position of managing editor of the magazine “Steuer und Wirtschaft – StuW”, which was founded in 1922. Spengel has been a co-editor of the StuW since 2015 and will now take on the responsibility of managing editor together with tax lawyer Professor Johanna Hey from the University of Cologne.

StuW publishes articles about fundamental issues of tax legislation and business taxation, as well as on more specific questions regarding the different tax types. Research and practice have come to appreciate the magazine as a critical information source of high value. StuW is currently the only German peer-reviewed tax journal to be listed in economic magazine rankings.

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