Photo credit: Anna Logue

Researcher from Mannheim Ranks among Germany's most Influential Female Economists

Newly published FAZ ranking lists Prof. Niessen-Ruenzi on 26th place

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung makes an important statement: for the first time the paper published its own ranking of Germany's most influential female economists. Dr. Alexandra Niessen-Ruenzi, Professor of Corporate Governance in Mannheim, ranks 26th on the list comprising a total of 34 women.

The crucial criterion for the placement was that the female economists not only have a strong reputation in science and research, but also be present in both public perception and the media – including also for the first time social media, such as Twitter. Further more, their role is to lead public debates and stimulate political ones.

To date, there had only been a general ranking of economists. This year’s special ranking for female expert economists is arguably the first one released by the FAZ. The paper explains this with the fact that there was a change in criteria: In the general list of just over 250 people there are currently 34 women, which corresponds to the approximate share of women among German-speaking economists.

Alexandra Niessen-Ruenzi holds the Chair of Corporate Governance at the Business School of the University of Mannheim. Her work includes research on gender-specific differences in financial markets, such as investment behavior of men and women, their investment decisions, gender-specific differences regarding the assessment of the financial industry, and the influence of female role models on women's decisions. She recently published a study examining and, for the first time, quantifying the size of the gender pension gap. Her findings indicate that at 26%, women receive a quarter less pension from the state than their male peers.