Top-rating for Mannheim's business graduates

Ranking of the Wirtschaftswoche magazine: Germany's HR managers prefer to hire graduates from the University of Mannheim, Business School

Since the year 2002, the magazine Wirtschaftswoche together with the consulting firm Universum surveys German HR experts regarding their preferred university when hiring. In the field of business administration, the study identifies Mannheim business alumni as HR favorites for the 14th time. 35,8% of the participants see Mannheim as German university that prepares business students best for professional challenges. LMU Munich and the University of Cologne hold the positions 2 and 3, at a large distance (19,1 and 18,9%).

Around 500 HR managers from all sizes of company were surveyed by the consulting firm Universum, on behalf of the Wirtschaftswoche magazine. The survey looks at whether graduates gain experience in project work, whether they complete modules in more than one language, and whether they are familiar with the problems in their sector and are aware of possible solutions, among other things.