Our main research topics

  • Training quality in vocational education

     ... in training companies

     ... in vocational schools

  • Training dropouts in the context of the dual system
  • Career choice and vocational identity development
  • Digital learning in vocational education (learning and testing environments)
  • Competence development and assessment
  • University teaching and teacher education

Ongoing Research Projects

MARS-IE – Mixed-ReAlity ReflectionS – Implementation and Evaluation
PSA-SIM – Problem Solving Analytics in Office Simulations
EXPLAIN – EXPLaining Ability INtervention
INTERCONNECT – Vocational Interaction and Competence Development
ViLD – Virtual Learning Designs in Business Education

Measurement tool for work characteristics and training quality (Learning Quality Inventory for In-Company Training in VET, “VET-LQI”)

The “Learning Quality Inventory for In-Company Training in VET” (VET-LQI) is a survey instrument aiming for a valid and comprehensive measurement of vocational training quality in companies. The validated instrument comprises 22 short scales with 76 items, enabling a broad approach to the construct of training quality. The survey instrument was developed by conducting a qualitative meta-synthesis of all existing instruments regarding training quality. 43 test instruments were integrated into the general theoretical framework on workplace learning by Tynjälä (2013). Item and confirmatory factor analyses (CFA) indicate satisfactory reflection of all common workplace characteristics regarding validity and reliability*. Overall, the VET-LQI overcomes the limited applicability of prior instruments by covering all identified content areas of training quality from the literature.

The instrument is permanently available online in the GESIS ZIS Open Access Repository for Measurement Instruments and on MADATA.

Learning Quality Inventory for In-Company Training in VET (VET-LQI) Deutscher, V., Böhn, S., & Krötz, M. (2023)

Item Catalogue – Training Conditions in VET

as part of “Training Conditions in VET – A Qualitative Meta-Synthesis for the Operationalization in Apprentice Questionnaires”

Reviews for journals and organisations

  • Vocations and Learning (V&L), Springer Journal, since 04/2016: Member of the Editorial Board
  • International Journal of Vocational and Technical Education (IJVTE)
  • Zeitschrift für Erziehungswissenschaft (ZfE), Springer Journal
  • Empirische Pädagogik (EP)
  • Empirical Research in Vocational Educational Training (ERVET), Springer Online Journal
  • European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI)
  • American Educational Research Association (AERA)

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