ViLD – Virtual Learning Designs in Business Education

Project description

Our goal: Promoting digital teaching skills among prospective teachers at commercial schools and among prospective trainers in companies

Through the project, future teachers develop digital competencies for the classroom of the future. They will be enabled to (1) create virtual learning environments with a high degree of immersion. In doing so, they will develop (2) the ability to use AI mechanisms meaningfully for their teaching, in particular by using log data for the automated creation of individualized learning environments (personalized learning). On the other hand, the future teachers (3) master the coding of learning processes for the utilization of automated evaluation processes and in-depth learning analyses (learning analytics) in order to optimally support their students in the learning process.

Our approach: Leading by Example – especially in teacher education!

The topics of virtual learning, artificial intelligence and learning analytics will be systematically integrated into selected modules of the business education program. For this purpose, three method workshops will be developed that build on each other: Virtual Instructional Design, Virtual Instructional Monitoring and Virtual Competence Assessment. The workshops are based on work with the free web tool LUCA Office Simulation (, which enables the development, implementation and evaluation of AI-based instructional designs based on log data and machine learning. The workshops themselves are offered as learning simulations in LUCA to teach the methodological competencies (“inception approach”) and thereby simultaneously offer virtual and AI-based learning opportunities with a model character for the students project work.


Project team

Ascha Ahmed

Prof. Dr. Viola Deutscher

Sabrina Ludwig


Cooperation partners

Prof. Dr. Carmela Aprea

Manuel Vogler

InnoMa Project