Dr. Okan Aydingül

Dr. Okan Aydingül

University of Mannheim
L 15, 1–6
5th floor – Room 510
68161 Mannheim
Fax: +49 621 181-1692
Consultation hour(s):
By appointment requested by mail

Public Key:


Research Interest
  • IS in Healthcare
  • mHealth
  • Software Development

Short CV

since 2019 Assistant Professor of Information Systems (Postdoc)
Business School, University of Mannheim (Germany)
since 2019 Project manager and member of the project committee
(Research Campus) Forschungscampus Mannheim Molecular Intervention Environment (M²OLIE)
2019 Dr. rer. pol.
Business School, University of Mannheim (Germany)
2015 – 2019 Research and Teaching Assistant
Chair of General Management and Information Systems (Prof. Dr. Armin Heinzl)
University of Mannheim (Germany)
2018 Visiting researcher
Clemson University, SC (USA)
2014 – 2015 Research and Teaching Assistant
Department of Computer Science IV (Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Effelsberg)
University of Mannheim (Germany)
2011 – 2014 M.Sc. Information Systems (Wirtschaftsinformatik)
University of Mannheim (Germany)
2013 Exchange Semester
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
2008 – 2011 B.Sc. Information Systems (Wirtschaftsinformatik)
University of Mannheim (Germany)
2008 A-Levels equivalent
Ludwig Frank Gymnasium (Mannheim)

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Talks and Presentations

  • SIG-Health Pre-ICIS Workshop (ICIS2017)
    Conceptualizing User Choice as Motivational Factor in Ad-Hoc Tumor Board Scheduling Applications

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  • Process Management
    Master's level, Lecture
    Spring Semester 2020
  • Business Informatics I: Introduction and Foundations
    Bachelor's level, Lecture
    Fall Semester 2019
  • Process Management
    Master's level, Exercise & Case Study
    Spring Semester 2015–2019
  • Design and Implementation of a workflow management system to optimize clinical intervention
    Master Team Project
    Spring Semester 2015, Fall Semester 2015
  • Advanced Computer Networks
    Master's level, Exercise
    Spring Semester 2013–2014
  • Computer Networks
    Bachelor's level, Exercise
    Fall Semester 2013
  • Praktische Informatik II
    Bachelor's level, Tutorial
    Spring Semester 2010

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  • Reviewer – Americas Conference on Information Systems (2017)
  • Reviewer – Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (2021)
  • Reviewer – International Conference on Information Systems (2017, 2020)
  • Reviewer – Multimedia Systems Journal (MMSJ), 2015
  • Reviewer – SIG-Health Pre-ICIS Workshop at ICIS2017
  • Reviewer – Wirtschaftsinformatik 2017 – Towards Tought Leadership in Digital Transformation (WI2017)

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