Photo credit: Philipp Blaicher/Stadtmarketing Mannheim

THE Ranking: Mannheim is German Number 1 in Business and Economics and Social Sciences

Worldwide Number 35 in Social Sciences, Number 41 in Business and Economics

The University of Mannheim has affirmed its top position in Germany and Europe in the newly published university rankings 2020. It is occupying the first spot in social and business and economics among German universities again this year. In global comparison, it reaches spot number 35 in social sciences and number 41 in business and economics. On a European level, it places number 8 (social sciences) and number 11 (business and economics) respectively. On a global level, the University of Mannheim competes with universities such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Oxford and Harvard.

“To be placed that far on top by university rankings is not to be taken for granted. Therefore, it makes me even happier to be able to hold our top position in Germany in university rankings”, says Prof. Dr. Thomas Puhl, President of the University of Mannheim. “However, we are also noticing that national and international competition is becoming stronger. Top positions are being occupied by universities with a completely different financial background – not just in the USA and Great Britain, but increasingly in Asia and Continental Europe as well. To not be outrun in the long haul we have to continue with our strategy to expand international cooperations and to acquire the brightest young researchers for Mannheim.”

The THE Ranking is the only ranking worldwide that bases its assessment of research intensive universities on their core tasks teaching, research, research influence, knowledge transfer and internationalization. For the latest issue of the ranking, 1,400 universities worldwide –including 48 German ones – have been assessed. The results are based on interviews with researchers as well as citations from scientific publications and statistical surveys that are provided by the universities themselves. It is one of the internationally most highly acknowledged university rankings and has been for years.

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