Professor Dr. Armin Heinzl is presented with “Digitalization Across Organizational Levels,” a Festschrift honoring his contributions to academia

On the occasion of Armin Heinzl's 60th birthday, professors Jens Dibbern (University of Bern), Jens Förderer (Technical University of Munich), Thomas Kude (ESSEC Business School), Franz Rothlauf (University of Mainz), and Kai Spohrer (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management) presented a Festschrift titled "Digitalization Across Organizational Levels.” All five editors of the book received their PhD and conducted their post doctorate under the mentorship of Professor Heinzl during the course of his career. The book sheds light on the topic of digitalization from different perspectives and contains contributions from Professor Heinzl’s former PhD students and other outstanding academics, like Prof. Dr. Wolfgang König (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt), Prof. Dr. Dorothy Leidner (Baylor University), and Prof. Dr. Rudy Hirschheim (Louisiana State University), who have influenced his work and academic life since the early days of his career.


Armin Heinzl was presented with the Springer book at a Research Colloquium at the University of Mannheim on October 14, 2022. The event featured talks from Prof. Dr. René Riedl (University Applied Sciences Upper Austria), Prof. Dr. Christian Becker (University of Stuttgart), Dr. Michael Zapf (Plastik Rehau), Dr. Jessica Slamka (University of Applied Sciences Munich), Tobias Grosche, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang König (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt), Erik Hemmer (both from the University of Applied Sciences Worms), as well es Dr. Ekaterina Jussupow (University of Mannheim). Professor Heinzl has been deeply moved by the words of his scholars and colleagues, who highlighted his contributions to the Information Systems discipline through his research, teaching, and service. The Festschrift and Research Colloquium emphasize the impact and relevance of Armin Heinzl’s research for societies, organizations, and individuals and accentuate his high standards of scientific rigor for conducting high-quality research. The Research Colloquium was noteworthy and memorable, thanks to all participants and speakers at the ceremony.