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Double Degree Programs in the Mannheim Master in Management

Students enrolled in the first semester of the Mannheim Master in Management (MMM) have the option to apply for a double degree program.

The double degree program is an extraordinary opportunity to obtain two degrees in four semesters: the 'Master in Management, M.Sc.' awarded by the University of Mannheim and a second internationally recognized degree awarded by the respective partner university. Participating students are exempt from tuition at the host institution. Thus, the double degree program costs around the same amount as a regular degree at Mannheim. Nevertheless, additional cost might be caused by travelling from one university to the other or by higher living expenses abroad.

Opting for the double degree program, students complete about half of their studies at the University of Mannheim and the other half at the partner university.

Apart from obtaining two internationally recognized academic degrees, successful participation in a double degree program offers other benefits as well. These include, for example:

  • Developing a unique personality:
    Experiencing two different university systems and cultures, students foster the development of their individual personality and sharpen their awareness of cultural subtleties.

  • Expanding subject-specific knowledge and skills:
    Students enrolled in a double degree program benefit from the strengths of both universities and thus broaden their subject-specific and methodological horizon factoring in the perspectives of the host country.

  • Improving chances on the job market:
    Graduates are incorporated into the alumni networks of both cooperation partners. This not only increases the chances on the national job market and the job market of the host university but also internationally for that matter.

The following web pages provide detailed information about the double degree programs within the MMM.


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