Negotiation Management

Semester Fall
Type Compulsory Lecture
Hours/week 1
ECTS Credits 2
Assesment Written assignment (Case Study – 100%)
Language German
Contact Dr. Maximilian Gaerth
Course Registration Please note that a registration in the portal is mandatory to attend the course.
Lecturer Dr. Maximilian Gaerth
Timetable 15 October (2pm – 6pm)

29 October (2pm – 6pm),

Room: BWL-ZOOM 01

Kick Off Date 15 October
Written Assignment Case studies will be assigned at the end of the course for individual elaboration. Based on the gained knowledge, a written assignment of a practical negotiation case needs to be solved as an open-book take home exam.
Short Description Dr. Maximilian Gaerth will discuss latest research in negotiation and dispute resolution to develop a framework that helps participants prepare for, analyze, and execute almost any negotiation. In particular, Dr. Gaerth will emphasize the power of cognitive and motivational biases and will discuss simple but effective debiasing strategies.
Course Outline 1. Principles, Strategies, and Tactics
2. The Psychology of Negotiation
3. Real World Negotiations

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