Dr. Elisa Konya-Baumbach

Assistant Professor

Dr. Elisa Konya-Baumbach

E-mail: konya-baumbach
Phone: +49 621 181- 2371

L 5, 1 – room 0.03
68131 Mannheim

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Elisa Konya-Baumbach studied Psychology at the University of Vienna with a concentration in Economic Psychology. Her diploma thesis “The zero-price effect: Its relation to price affect and price-quality inferences regarding low- and high-priced products” focused on the emotional perception of discount prices and the resulting consumer inferences. During her studies, she gathered practical experience in a nonprofit organization as well as in human resources in the clothing and insurance industry. In addition, she worked as a student assistant at the University of Vienna at the Department of Work, Organizational, and Economic Psychology.

From April 2012 to April 2016, Elisa Konya-Baumbach worked as a research and teaching assistant and doctoral student at Professor Kuester's chair of Marketing & Innovation. From September to December 2014, she visited the Stern School of Business at New York University, USA, for a research stay. Elisa Konya-Baumbach successfully finalized her dissertation project “The Launch of E-Innovations: An Analysis of Go-To-Market Strategies and the Consumer Adoption Decision-Making Process” with “summa cum laude” in March 2016. Her doctoral thesis has been awarded prizes by the Marketing Foundation of the University of Mannheim as well as by Suedwestmetall.

Since May 2016, Elisa Konya-Baumbach is an Assistant Professor at Professor Kuester's chair of Marketing & Innovation. From August to December 2017, she visited the S. C. Johnson School of Management at Cornell University, USA, for a research stay.

Elisa Konya-Baumbach's research focuses on consumer psychology and behavior, marketing of innovations, and digital marketing. She is particularly interested in consumer decision making and digital innovation adoption.