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Application Procedure

The Bachelor in Business Administration is a program with a restricted number of places. There is only one intake each year, which is in the fall semester.


Beginning with the fall semester 2017/18, the Bachelor in our Business Administration program joins the dialogue-oriented service procedure (DoSV), meaning that open spots for the degree are allotted centrally. You can register in our application portal during the application or in advance at Please note that all application documents must be submitted directly to our admissions office. More information as well as video tutorials for the admission process can be found here.

Once the online application form is filled, a print out of the form must be submitted along with the following documents to the admissions office, in hard copy.

  • Signed print out of the application form
  • CV (in table form)
  • Certified copy of your university entrance certificate (e.g. Allgemeine Hochschulzugangsberechtigung/HZB, Abitur, High School Diploma); applicants with a foreign university entrance certificate please find additional information here (point 1.1.3)
  • Certified copy of your English certificate (if no proof through university entrance certificate)
  • Simple copy of certificates or experience letters (if mentioning internships or jobs in the CV), proof of extracurricular activities etc.
  • Certificate of participation of your orientation test (
  • Proof of German language skills if no German citizenship or German university entrance certificate exists

For your benefit the online form will also have a checklist of all the required documents at the end.

The application period begins on the 15th of May and ends on the 15th of July. The complete set of documents must be received, by the 15th of July, by the University Admission Office (address below)

Admission Office
Universität Mannheim
Postfach 103462
68131 Mannheim

Please note: Lecture periods for the spring semester are from mid-February to the beginning of June. For the fall semester, they are from the beginning of September to mid-December.

Admission requirements and selection process

Only applicants who have submitted their application in due form and time enter the selection process. A ranking system is used by Business School of the University of Mannheim to determine the allocation of places in the program. Please note: The current terms of references are binding.

The following selection criteria apply for the ranking in which applicants can score a maximum of 135 points (the ratio of selection criterion 1, 2 and 3 is 5:2:1):

  1. Average mark of the German 'Abitur': The average mark 1.0 will be awarded with 15 points. For every one-tenth increment of the average mark, 0.33 points of the initial 15 points will be subtracted.

  2. Marks of Mathematics, German and the continued foreign language on the 'Abitur' certificate: All credits from the last four terms in the senior classes are averaged. The applicant can be awarded a maximum of 15 points for this selection criterion.

  3. Commercial practice or comparable relevant professional occupation, specific educational background as well as extracurricular achievements emphasizing an aptitude for the chosen study course: The applicant can be awarded a maximum of 15 points for this selection criterion.

    1. For commercial practice or a comparable relevant professional occupation (vocational training, professional experience and internships), a maximum of 8 points can be awarded. Completed vocational training scores 4 points. In the case of professional experience and internships (full time, 35 hours/week), individual activities are allocated a maximum of 2 points each. The evaluation depends on the duration of the work activity (less than 4 weeks no points; 4 weeks to 3 months = points x 0,5; more than 3 months = points x 1).

    2. With regard to the international orientation of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, very good English skills are considered a special educational background. You can receive 20 points for them. Evidence for very good English skills can be provided in the following ways:

      • English courses were attended throughout the senior classes of secondary school, whereby the average mark as shown on the 'Abitur' certificate must be a minimum of 11 points,
      • university entrance requirements were fulfilled in an Anglophone school system,
      • if none of the above-mentioned proofs can be delivered, one of the recognized language assessment test results can be presented (see page 4 in our terms of references).

      Note: Result of the language assessment test has to be available on the closing date for applications (July 15) at the latest. If you have taken the TOEFL iBT and want the result to be sent to the admission office of the University of Mannheim directly, please use institution code "0254".

    3. A maximum of 2 points can be assigned for extracurricular activities. The selection committee will examine each case individually.

Notifications of admission

If our Bachelor is your desired study program and you received an admission offer in August, please accept your place online at “Hoschulstart”. Depending which shipping method you have selected you will receive the admission from the University of Mannheim by mail or in the application portal. Here you can get information regarding enrolment documents and dates as well as information regarding the first days here in Mannheim.

General Information

Proof of German language skills

For admission to the bachelor’s program, applicants must prove good German skills. German citizens or people with a German university entrance certificate do not need a certificate. International applicants do have different ways to provide this proof.

Information for Germans with proof of foreign educational qualification

German citizens with proof of a foreign educational qualification have to submit the following document together with their application for admission to the admission office, by the 15th of July: A certificate issued by the regional board Stuttgart (Abt. 7 Schule und Bildung, Anerkennungsstelle, Postfach 10 36 42, 70031 Stuttgart, Germany abteilung7(at) or by the ministry of education of a federal state in Germany which indicates that the presented foreign educational qualification is equivalent and equal to the German 'Abitur'. This certificate must include the date on which university entrance requirements were fulfilled as well as the average mark equivalent to the general and/or specific average mark of the German 'Abitur'.  In case university entrance requirements are linked to specific subjects, please make sure that the respective subjects are specified on the certificate.

Orientation Test

Applicants for independent study programs (Bachelor, teaching post) have to take an orientation test for application to the program. With this orientation test, relevant interests and skills for your studies and profession will be scientifically analyzed and explained to you in an extensive feedback sheet. That means, you will find out which course of study and profession suits you best.

You will receive a participation certificate which you have to enclose with your application. Test results concerning the content will not be shown on the certificate and can thus not influence your chances. The (free) orientation test, which is standard for complete Baden-Württemberg, can be taken here:

Preferential Admission

If you were awarded a place in the Bachelor of Business Administration study course at the University of Mannheim in a previous semester or in the university's own selection process, but were unable to accept it due to military and civilian service, or a voluntary year of social service, the awarded place is also valid for the new study course in accordance with the protection of confidence law. Following the completion of your service, you have to apply again within two application procedures at the University of Mannheim in order to accept the university place. Indicating the rendered service in your application, you can apply for preferential admission. In addition to the application documents, you have to enclose a copy of a certificate confirming the rendered service as well as the approval notification. Please note that students are only admitted for the fall semester each year.