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Bachelor in Economic and Business Education

One study program, many opportunities

A solid education in the areas of business administration and pedagogy, intensive support and integrated practical experience – you can expect all of this and more of the bachelor’s program in Economic and Business Education.

After having graduated from high school, I was looking for a way to combine the studies of business administration and pedagogy and found the program in Economic and Business Education. I then informed myself online and at the Student Information Day of the University of Mannheim.

Asli Erarslan, Bachelor's student Economic and Business Education / Photo credit: Xenia Münsterkötter

After studying business administration for two semesters at a different university, I realized that I wanted to more intensively learn about vocational and continuing education, business psychology and HR topics. Looking for a study program which could fulfill my needs, my former German teacher told me about her studies in Economic and Business Education at the University of Mannheim and the many possibilities the program offers. After an extensive research, I made the absolutely right decision to start studying here.

Marc Osswald, Bachelor's student Economic and Business Education / Photo credit: Xenia Münsterkötter

I really like the variety of the program. It offers a great amount of flexibility and leaves you with the choice of starting a career in education or the private sector. Therefore, it is very helpful that the program allows you to already gain practical experience during your studies and get insights into the daily life of companies and schools. Besides, the well-structured courses reflect the university’s excellence in research.

Asli Erarslan, Bachelor's student Economic and Business Education / Photo credit: Xenia Münsterkötter

Thanks to the excellent reputation of the university, its internationality and the many cooperations with companies, studying here opens up a wide range of opportunities for students, for example via student jobs, guest lectures or internships. The University also has a great size, preventing anonymity and enabling contact to professors and a pleasant working atmosphere in the well-equipped rooms. Last but not least, the city of Mannheim with its size, great traffic connection and nightlife is an excellent place to live for students.

Marc Osswald, Bachelor's student Economic and Business Education / Photo credit: Xenia Münsterkötter

Quick facts

  • Length of study and program start: 6 semesters (full-time), fall semester (September)
  • Language of Instruction: German, some courses are taught in English
  • Application: Between May 15 and July 15 via or
  • Admission requirements: University entrance qualification (e.g. German Abitur), Knowledge of German language, Career Counselling for Teachers Test, Orientation Test
  • Selection criteria: grade average achieved in your university entrance qualification, work experience in commercial or educational area, extracurricular activities
  • Internationality: Semester abroad and transfer of credits earned abroad possible
  • Fees: € 156.70 per semester, additional tuition fees for non EU/EEA applicants and for a second German degree
  • Program structure / content: Module Catalog 2017, Examination regulations
  • Download:  program brochure (in German only)


What our program in Economic and Business Education offers for you

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Developing a general understanding of national and company-related economic challenges, aspects of business law as well as business informatics is at the heart of the bachelor's program

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Options for individualization

Specialize in certain areas already in your bachelor’s studies. Our wide range of electives enables you to sharpen your profile.

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Intensive Support

Team work and individual support of students through counseling, coaching sessions and tutorials create an excellent learning environment.

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Practical Experience

Internships in schools as well as businesses, e.g. in the Human Resource department of a company, are an integral part of the program.

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Many career opportunities

Start a career with your bachelor’s degree in the private sector or continue with the consecutive master’s program and go into the teaching profession at a vocational school? The choice is yours.

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The optional semester abroad gives you the chance to gain international experience and develop your language skills. This chance to broaden your horizon is already possible during the bachelor’s program.


  • Required interests and skills

    Besides your interest for economic and educational questions as well as in teaching and learning formats at companies and schools, you should bring along a high level of commitment, motivation and discipline. Further, you will require:

    You can find the exact requirements for the program in the selection statutes.

    A good grade average in your university entrance qualification, first working experience in the commercial or educational area as well as extracurricular activities will increase your chances of being accepted to the program.

    The ability to read, understand and work with scientific articles in English is assumed in the bachelor’s program. In case you want to refresh your knowledge of the English language starting with your first semester, we recommend the language course offerings of the University of Mannheim.

    Math? No, no! If you react to math in a similar way, we recommend participating in the Refresher Course in Mathematics of the Department of Economics at the beginning of the fall semester, especially in order to be prepared for modules in economics. Important basics in math are indispensable, also for a successful completion of the Economic and Business Education program.

  • How to apply

    You can apply online  for the program between May 15 and July 15. Enter your personal data and send us your application.

  • Your admission

    You will receive an official letter of admission via in the first weeks of august. If the bachelor’s program in Economic and Business Education is your first choice, accept the offer in the online portal of Hochschulstart. Afterwards you will receive your admission along with all relevant information for your enrollment by mail or via the application portal of the University of Mannheim. You will further receive information on how your first days here in Mannheim will look like. After you have participated in the introductory events in the week prior to the start of the program, you will be able to create your course schedule and familiarize with the examination regulations.