Structure and Contents

The Mannheim Master in Management (MMM) is a consecutive Master’s program, culminating in the academic degree Master of Science (M.Sc.). The MMM differs from other Master’s programs since it allows students to structure the course according to their interests. With various specializations and the opportunity to study a diverse set of subjects, the MMM offers flexibility with academic rigor.


The chairs of the Business School of the University of Mannheim cover a broad spectrum of managerial subjects. Students are able to shape their curriculum and Startet das Herunterladen der Dateischedule according to their preference and academic interests. Broadly, the specializations on offer at the University are in the areas of:

  • Accounting and Taxation
  • Banking, Finance and Insurance
  • Information Systems
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management



While students can choose the course curriculum and specialization, all students are required to complete core courses before they can be awarded the degree. The Core Courses are five compulsory subjects (Business Economics I + II, Decision, Applied Econometrics or Empirical Methods and Corporate Social Responsibility) that help create a strong knowledge base that students can build on. Students can choose to take the courses at any time during their studies.

Students are also required to complete a Master’s Thesis, in their chosen area of specialization. The Master’s degree is awarded to students on the completion of 120 ECTS in the following fields:

You can find general information, university policies on examinations and the Master thesis in the examination regulations and the module catalog.


Students also have the option of selecting courses (electives) in neighboring disciplines. The University of Mannheim is also home to other prominent Schools, affiliated with the Business School. There are therefore, a wide range of elective courses students can choose from (e.g. Business Education, Theology, Law etc.). Credits earned in the electives are counted towards the 120 ECTS required for the degree.


The MMM is for students who seek an international outlook. The University offers students the option of spending a semester abroad in an exchange program at one of its partner universities. The Business School has an established network of over 200 of the best Universities across the world (university co-operations).

Students also have the chance to be part of the Double Degree Program, on the completion of which students are awarded two degrees in the same period of study, the MMM from the University of Mannheim and the other degree from one of our seven partner universities. Students interested in the double degree are required to apply for it in the first semester. It is a competitive program since only a limited number of places are open each year.


The Business School also has strong links with some of the most prestigious organizations and corporations. Each year, the University hosts a career fair where students can interact with representatives of companies and also to interview for open positions. The Career Service at the University advises students in these matters.

Students also have the opportunity to pursue internships during semester breaks and also take up to two semesters off while still enrolled, to gain practical experience (however students cannot take part in examinations in holiday semesters).


The University also strongly believes that future managers and leaders are spawned only through all-round development. Students are encouraged to participate in the various workshops and guest lectures conducted by top management of our corporate partners.

The University campus is always bustling with activity. The various initiatives and clubs (sports, music, theatre, and several more) offer several interesting activities though which students can hone their skills and pursue their interests away from academics.