Interactive Marketing

MKT 662

Lecturer Prof. Dr. Florian Stahl
Contact person Katharina Gawrisch
Course Format Lecture and Exercise
Credit Points 6 ECTS
Hours per Week 4
Semester Spring
Language English
Registration no registration required
Accepted Participants Mannheim Master in Management, Mannheim Master in Business Research (MMBR), M.A. Culture and Economy / Business, M.Sc. Business Education, M.Sc. Business Informatics, M.Sc. Business Mathematics, M.Sc. Economics, Diplom Business Administration

    Further Information

  • Brief Description

    The course “Interactive Marketing” provides strategy concepts, analytical frameworks, and hands-on tools for participants to develop and execute interactive, direct and digital marketing strategies. Specifically, we discuss various foundations of interactive marketing such as customer database analysis or customer relationship management, as well as rules, tactics and strategies associated with interactive and digital media, including digital sales channels and revenue models as well as digital pricing. 

  • Course Outline

    The lectures on “Interactive Marketing” cover the following topics:

    1. Basic Principles of Interactive, Direct and Digital Marketing 


    2. Database Marketing 


      1. Scope of marketing analysis 
      2. From data and data sources to information and insights
      3. Creating and managing customer databases
      4. Sources of customer information 


    3. Direct Marketing Strategies 


      1. Creating direct marketing strategies
      2. Segmentation applications for direct marketing
      3. Analytical techniques for direct marketing
      4. Direct marketing strategies and big data 
      5. Database targeting models and price discrimination 


    4. Relationship Marketing and Customer Relationship Management 


      1. Customer relationship management from a business strategy perspective
      2. Customer value management
      3. Customer lifetime value (CLV)
      4. Customer equity 


    5. Digital Sales Channels and Revenue Models 


      1. Business and revenue models in the digital age
      2. Digital Sales Channels and their Distinctive features 
      3. Online marketplace analysis
      4. Online versus offline competition 


    6. (Digital) Multichannel Marketing 


      1. Multichannel / omnichannel retailing
      2. Consumer behavior in a multichannel, multimedia retailing environment
      3. Implementing multichannel customer management
      4. Multichannel marketing communications 


    7. Pricing of Digital Products, Online Services and Information Goods 


      1. Price discrimination of digital products, online services and information goods
      2. Versioning of digital products and information goods (economics of versioning)
      3. Bundling of digital products, online services and information goods
      4. Dynamic pricing: conditioning prices on purchase history
  • Lecture

    Lecturer Prof. Dr. Florian Stahl
    Contact person Katharina Gawrisch
    Schedule Wednesday (8.30 - 10.00am), Room: SN 163
    Assessment Written Exam (100%)
  • Exercise

    Lecturer Andreas Bayerl
    Lecturer Katharina Gawrisch
    Schedule Thursday (3.30 - 5.00pm), Room: M 003 (First exercise on March 14, 2019)