Assistant Professorship of Empirical Research Methods

Prof. Dr. Christina Schamp

Prof. Dr. Christina Schamp

Dr. Christina Schamp is Junior Professor for Empirical Research Methods at the Area Marketing & Sales. She studied Business Administration at the University of St. Gallen and Social Psychology at the London School of Economics and received her doctorate in “Ethicality in the Marketplace” from the University of Hamburg in 2018. She previously gained professional experience at McKinsey and Company, Inc.

All her research projects share the notion of addressing a relevant trend in consumer decision-making with a broad range of different, cutting-edge research methods. Trained as social psychologist, at the core of her research are behavioral experiments. However, she also employs meta-analytical studies, secondary data research, and machine learning methods. Given her prior work experience for a top-management consulting company, her research projects are practice driven, often in cooperation with both startups and multinational companies.

Research focus:

  • Ethical Consumer Decision-Making in Purchase Settings
  • Moral Consumer Behavior in a Digital Environment
  • Virality of Text and Images in Social Media