Master's Thesis (MMM)

General Information

Lecturer Prof. Dr. Laura Marie Edinger-Schons, Inken Blatt, Michael Verbücheln, Moritz Appels
Course Format Master’s thesis
Credit Points 24 ECTS
Frequency Every semester
Language English or German
Grading Research Paper
Pre-requisites MAN 761

    Further Information

  • Topics

    Currently offered topics for master theses:

    Topic Supervisor
    The Effect of Exchange Mechanisms in the Sharing Economy. Inken Blatt
    Image vs. Descriptive Appeals. An analysis of the effectiveness of different appeals to enhance pro-environmental behavior. Inken Blatt
    Good intentions? An empirical investigation of stakeholder perceptions of corporate communications of motives for CSR. Inken Blatt
    How Corporate Volunteers Become Internal Change Agents Michael Verbücheln
    Win, Win, Win? – When do non-profit organizations also benefit from corporate volunteering? Michael Verbücheln
    Bringing Purpose to the Job – How Empoyer Support for Corporate Volunteering can increase Job Meaningfulness Michael Verbücheln
    Strategic CSR Programs – Investigating the Effects of Employee Involvement in Sustainability Activities Michael Verbücheln
    The Effect of Moral Reframing on Citizen Reactions to Corporate Political Activism Moritz Appels
    The Foundations of Virtue? The Impact of CEO Morality on Firms' Social Involvement Moritz Appels
    Are Activist Leaders Always Moral? A Critical Look at CEO Sociopolitical Activism Moritz Appels
    The Great Stage of Politics: What Drives CEOs to Become Politically Activist? Moritz Appels

    Master Theses in Cooperation with Practitioners

    • Master thesis with Pepperl+Fuchs on materiality analysis and CSR: more information [German].
  • Guidelines

    The time allowed for completing the master thesis is four months, beginning from the official registration of the thesis.

    Feel free to use our title page template in English or German.

    Before writing your thesis, please read these guidelines.

    Please refer to your “Prüfungsordnung” for further details.

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    Inken Küper, M.Sc.

    Inken Küper, M.Sc.

    Research Staff
    University of Mannheim
    Chair of Sustainable Business
    Schneckenhof Ost – Room SO 102
    68161 Mannheim
    Consultation hour(s):
    upon arrangement