Study Programs of the Business School reaccredited without conditions

In June, the Accreditation Commission of the national agency Evalag reaccredited the study programs “Bachelor in Business Administration“ (B.Sc.), “Mannheim Master in Management“ (M.Sc.) and “Business Education“ (B.Sc. and M.Sc.) without conditions for the next seven years. The new study program, the Mannheim Master in Business Research (M.Sc.), was also accredited without conditions for the first time. The term of the initial accreditation is five years.

Study Programs of the Business School reaccredited without conditions.

”The Business School of the University of Mannheim is very happy about the successful completion of the national accreditation procedure. The reaccreditation without conditions of our study programs is proof of our high quality of teaching“, emphasizes Dean Prof. Dr. Dieter Truxius. Especially pleasing is the initial accreditation without conditions of the new study program Mannheim Master in Business Research (M.Sc.). “The Mannheim Master in Business Research, with its strong focus on research, is an excellent fit for our profile as a research-oriented business school. The initial accreditation without conditions proves that the new program meets all national quality standards," said Dean Truxius.

The Accreditation Commission accredits study programs with conditions if those programs reveal deficiencies with respect to contents or structure. In this case, the University has to address these deficiencies and implement the listed corrections within a period of time to comply with the national standards. In general, the Accreditation Commission recommends that all study programs are continuously further improved. "We are committed to the Commission's recommendations. In the continuous improvement of our study programs, we always involve the students, the departmental student committee, and professionals in order to be able to offer study programs at the highest level,” explains Dean Truxius. The close involvement of students and company representatives in the improvement of the study programs has already been positively emphasized by the peer review team of the agency Evalag.

The statement of Evalag’s Accreditation Commission and the corresponding report are available online since August 14. In 2009, Evalag has been authorized by the national Accreditation Council as accreditation agency. Since then Evalag assesses the compliance with the quality standards of study and teaching in Germany. Contrary to the system accreditation, the program accreditation, as chosen by the Business School of the University of Mannheim, assesses and accredits the study programs individually.