Student Association Honors Professors for Outstanding Teaching Commitment

Congratulations to Laura-Marie Schons and Jens Wüstemann: the two professors received the annual teaching award of the Student Association “Fachschaft BWL”. This year, the prize is awarded to two members of the faculty for the first time.

Professor Dr. Laura-Marie Schons and Professor Dr. Jens Wüstemann

The teaching award is regularly given to professors, chairs or Areas which stand out with special commitment in teaching. “Both professors have qualified themselves for the teaching award through their extraordinary commitment to the University and, in particular, to their teaching, and after evaluating and discussing the submitted nominations we decided to honor both of them. This way we can best meet the majority opinion of the students," says Armin Mesgaran, member of the Student Association.

Computer Games and Video Lectures

The numerous nominations clearly showed that students especially appreciate the innovative teaching methods of Professor Schons. The owner of the Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility integrates interactive computer games, mobile quizzes or video recordings into her teaching and enables the students to learn the subject in an exciting way. Furthermore, her commitment to and display of the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility in the otherwise rather pragmatic business landscape is received with enthusiasm.

Next to his excellent rhetoric skills, Professor Wüstemann, owner of the Chair of Business Administration, Accounting & Auditing, won students also with the implementation of video recording in the lecture, which they highly appreciate. For them it is of great help to be able to watch the lectures again in detail and therefore receive a better overview of the subject.

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