Master Courses

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    OPM 561 - Production Management: Lean Approaches and Variability
    introduces planning tasks for the design and management of operations systems from the strategic to the operational level under variability. We discuss three dimensions of variability and analyze the effects on several operational performance measures. To manage and reduce variability, classical approaches from lean management as well as modern business analytics tools are introduced. The course will be taught in the fall semester.

    OPM 662 - Business Analytics: Modeling and Optimization
    introduces mathematical modeling approaches for planning and scheduling of manufacturing operations. Therein, optimization models are implemented and solved using standard software. During the course, students work on assignments in groups. OPM 662 requires successful participation in OPM 561. The course will be taught in the spring semester.

    OPM 661 - Business Analytics: Robust Planning in Stochastic Systems
    discusses analytical approximations and robust planning methods for operations systems under stochastic variability , e.g., due to stochastic demand, unreliable machines, or random processing capacities. OPM 661 will be offered in the fall semester. Even though it is recommended to attend the module OPM 561 as preparation, it could be substituted with another OPM 5xx core course of the Area Operations Management (OPM 501, OPM 502, OPM 581, or OPM 591).

    Students work on a research topic in  OPM 761 - Research Seminar Production Management to extend their knowledge in one of the topics from OPM 661 or OPM 662. Therefore, the research seminar requires successful participation in either module OPM 661 or OPM 662. OPM 761 can be attended in the fall or in the spring semester. However, we recommend writing the seminar thesis at the end of the Master studies, right before the Master's thesis. The seminar and the Master's thesis can be successfully completed in the same semester. The application for the seminar and the kick-off meeting will take place in the preceding semester.

    In addition, the Chair of Production Management offers a supplementary course in the spring semester. The module OPM 565 - Integrierte Produktentwicklung discusses the development of new products from an industrial engineering perspective.