Master Theses FSS 2019

Topics FSS 2019: Here you can find all Master Thesis topics for the FSS 2019.

The schedule for application, registration, and submission of Master Theses is coordinated centrally for most chairs of the Finance Area. Here you can find all further information.

    General Information

  • Assignment Procedure

    Topics for Master Theses are assigned twice a year on pre-determined and fixed dates. The master's theses consider topics from various fields of study in the area “Finance”. Topics for theses are usually assigned in coordination with the chairs of Prof. Maug, Prof. Niessen-Ruenzi, Prof. Ruenzi and Prof. Theissen. Students may submit one priority list to apply at all five chairs.

  • Requirements

    To be eligible to write a Master Thesis at Dr. Wimmer's chair, you need to have completed a seminar in the Area Finance (Prof. Albrecht, Prof. Maug, Prof. Niessen-Ruenzi, Prof. Ruenzi, Prof. Terberger, Prof. Theissen or PD Dr. Maximilian Wimmer).

  • Submission of priority list

    If you want to write a Master Thesis with one of the above-listed professors, you need to apply for the assignment of a topic by the due date. For your list of priorities you may choose from all the topics provided by the professors. Please state your actual preferences regardless of your grade to get the most out of your choices. The assignment of the topics is based solely on the seminar grade. If there is a topic you do not want to work on at all, make sure to not include it in your priority list. It is not possible to change the assigned topics after the assignment procedure has been completed.

  • Important Documents