Managing Digital Technology

IS 360 für Bachelor­studierende (Business Administration)


HWS 2020
Verantwortlicher Dozent Prof. Dr. Thomas Kude
Veranstaltungs­art Online-Vorlesung und Gruppen­projekt
Leistungs­punkte 6 ECTS
Sprache English
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Prof. Dr. Thomas Kude

Prof. Dr. Thomas Kude

Ansprech­partner Managing Digital Technology

Bei Fragen wenden Sie sich bitte an Prof. Dr. Thomas Kude.
Departement of Information Systems, Decision Sciences and Statistics
ESSEC Business School, Frankreich

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  • Kurzbeschreibung

    Digitization is fundamentally changing the role of information technology (IT) in organizations. Whereas IT management used to be a secondary function whose responsibility was to reliably support the organization’s primary business activities, digital technology now plays a central role in the creation of value. Thus, organizations need to manage the technological aspects of digital transformation and the development of innovative solutions, while still handling the development and application of more traditional IT systems. Given the importance of digitization in almost any industry, it is indispensable to have knowledge about what technology exists in organizations, how systems are developed, how they affect industries, organizations, and individuals, and, more generally, how organizations can achieve digital transformation.

    Through a presentation of various key topics, application areas, case studies and presentations of students’ research and/or own experience, this course discusses a number of key issues concerned with technology and the digitization of organizations and industries. Among others, the course focuses on platforms and ecosystems, agility, and frameworks for digital transformation.

    Learning Objectives

    The goal of the course is to contribute to the participants’ abilities to apply solid knowledge and capabilities about managing digital technology, appraise new technologies and their impact on organizations, analyze the role of organization in a digital ecosystems, set up an agile IT organization for success in the digital age, critically reflect on the role of managing digital technology in the context of wider societal challenges.

  • Vorlesung

    Dozent Prof. Dr. Thomas Kude

    Termine (vorläufig)

    Datum Uhrzeit Thema
    3.11.2020 8:30–12:00 Uhr Introduction / traditional IT management
    5.11.2020 8:30–12:00 Uhr Tech talks (group presentations)
    9.11.2020 8:30–12:00 Uhr Digital ecosystems / case discussion
    11.11.2020 8:30–12:00 Uhr Organizational agility / case discussion
    13.11.2020 8:30–12:00 Uhr Digital transformation / societal challenges of managing digital technology

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  • Bewertung (vorläufig)

    Class participation
    The score will depend on the quality of the comments made during class and the value added to the class discussion. In addition, there may be small individual assignments.

    Group project
    The project requires each group to deliver a presentation and discussion in class. Details will be announced in class.

    Details will be announced in class.