Dr. Luisa Langer

Dr. Luisa Langer
Universität Mannheim
Fakultät für Betriebs­wirtschafts­lehre
L 9, 1–2 – Raum 311
68161 Mannheim


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Accounting, La Trobe University – Australia, 2016
  • Master of Accounting (Research Studies), La Trobe University – Australia, 2012
  • Master of Professional Accounting, La Trobe University – Australia, 2011
  • Bachelor of Economics, PUCE – Ecuador, 2006


  • Corporate governance
  • Gender differences in financial decision-making
  • Financial reporting quality and disclosure
  • Co-operatives, not-for-profit, and microfinance institutions
  • Financial education


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*Some publications report the author's maiden name „Unda“