MAN 683: Sustainability Communication

no offering in fall

Due to a proliferation of corporate scandals and greenwashing practices, stakeholder skepticism is on the rise. The world is turning more complex, increasingly unpredictable and demanding. All of these aspects impact the field of sustainability. As a consequence, companies need to focus way more on thoroughly communicating their sustainability efforts to their stakeholders. Further, while sustainability communication is an important tool to inform stakeholders and create transparency, its goals clearly go beyond merely informing, and also include stakeholder engagement and participation methods.

Learning outcomes
In this course, participants

  • gain an understanding of the various stakeholders groups that can be addressed in sustainability communications as well as the challenges of engaging with them;
  • learn methods of how to successfully design sustainability communications to ensure effective dialogues;
  • and develop skills in measuring the impacts of sustainability communication.

Necessary prerequisites

Recommended prerequisites
General interest in the topic of sustainable business

Contact hoursIndependent study time
Lecture2 SWS15 SWS
Form of assessment70% final assignment; 30% final presentation
Restricted Admissionyes
Further information
Performing lecturer
Dr. Sebastian Rudolph
OfferingFall semester
Duration of module 1 semester
Range of applicationM.Sc. MMM, M.Sc. WiPäd, M.Sc. VWL, M.Sc. Wirt. Inf., LL.M., MAKUWI
Preliminary course work
Program-specific Competency GoalsCG 1, CG 2, CG 3
Graded yes