FIN 682 - Current Information

Last update: 21st March 2020

Dear course participant,

As you surely have realized, all teaching activities at the University of Mannheim involving physical presence are cancelled due to the current Corona situation. Hence, also the lectures/exercises for FIN 682 International Asset Management can no longer take place.

•    We are working on finding a solution to provide teaching activities, most likely in a digital format. Our university is facing a very challenging situation as a lot of resources, such as ILIAS have to be scaled up considerably on short notice to enable the digitalization. We will give you more information once we have found a workable and stable solution. Please regularly check your emails for more information in this regard.

•    Please make sure that you have joined the ILIAS group of the course since all important information will be posted there as well as potential digital content. The direct link to join is:

•    It might be that ILIAS is not working for some time because of capacity constraints. In that case we would announce news on our Chair’s homepage / the course homepage. Hence, if ILIAS is not working, please check these pages regularly for updates:

•    Since the first lecture block was originally scheduled for the 3rd/4th April and the first exercise class for the 21st April, there is still sufficient time left which allows us to prepare a good solution for everybody. Hence, you do not have to worry that there won’t be enough time for studying the content since we are still on schedule.

•    Nevertheless, we have already uploaded the slide decks for the first lecture block on ILIAS as well as some relevant papers. Hence, you can already start to prepare for the first lecture block. As in previous years, we will also upload the full solutions to all upcoming exercise classes.

•    Currently, we plan to record all lectures/exercise classes as slide presentations with accompanying audio commentary. All lecture/exercise-videos would be uploaded on ILIAS. We plan to upload the first lecture block soon after the 3rd/4th April. We think that this would be the most convenient/flexible solution for everybody. To allow for interaction, we will most likely provide the opportunity to ask questions on ILIAS after the lectures/exercise classes. Please note that this is still subject to change.

•    Unfortunately, we do not know yet how the final exam will look like. We will keep you updated once we receive new information from the examination office. We are aware of the fact that especially some internationals are currently “locked-out” of the country. Right now we are not (yet) allowed to offer any alternative ways of examination on our own. Hence, we have to wait for instructions of the examination office.

Please stay safe and healthy and support the measures take to slow down the spread of the virus to protect all members of our society. General information about the situation can be found at:

Best regards,
Fabian Gamm