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  • Core Courses

    All courses that will be offered in academic year FSS 2019 / HWS 2019 for students can be seen in the Modulkatalog »

    Short description of the OPM core courses

    OPM 501 Logistics Management

    This course helps students understand how to align logistics decisions with an underlying business strategy. Students will become acquainted with fundamental logistics planning tasks. The course enables them to analyze logistics decisions by means of quantitative techniques and to make the right trade-offs between different performance criteria.


    OPM 502 Inventory Management

    In this course, students will learn how inventories can be used to manage supply chain performance. They will learn to distinguish different functions of inventory in different supply chain environments.


    OPM 561 Production Management: Lean Approaches and Variability

    To match supply/capacity with demand, managers and planners have to consider different types of variability. We discuss sources for three dimensions of variability and analyze the effects on several operational performance measures. This course introduces planning tasks for the design and management of operations systems from the strategic to the operational level.

    OPM 581 Service Operations Management

    Die Studenten gewinnen ein Verständnis über die Herausforderungen bei der Entscheidungs­findung im Service (Operations) Management. Sie erlernen Konzepte, analytische Werkzeuge und Best Practices zum Umgang mit diesen Herausforderungen und zur Sicherung langfristiger Wettbewerbsvorteile durch Service Operations.

    OPM 582 Case Studies in Service Operations Management

    Students will intensify their understanding of operations and service operations management by applying concepts and analytical tools in a broader, interdisciplinary and strategic context to practical case studies.


    OPM 591 Strategic Procurement

    This course is recommended for anyone seeking an introduction to procurement and, more generally, a better understanding of upstream supply chain operations.
    The main intended learning outcome is to obtain the basic knowledge that enables further steps in procurement research and practice


    OPM 601 Supply Chain Management

    Fulfilling a customer order typically involves multiple parties, such as suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, each of them having their own objectives. At the same time, all parties are dependent on each other to serve the final customer. Supply chain management addresses the interplay between individual objectives and overall supply chain performance.


    OPM 662 Business Analytics: Modeling and Optimization

    This course introduces mathematical modeling approaches for planning and scheduling of operations. Operational and tactical planning tasks are formulated as linear and mixed-integer linear programming models. All lectures will be given in a computer lab, where the optimization models are implemented and solved using standard software.


    OPM 682 Revenue Management

    In today's e-business environment, there is an increasing number of unlocked opportunities to increase profits through Revenue Management (RM). RM is a short-term planning instrument in order to effectively match supply and demand and thereby maximize profitability – by selling the right product to the right customer at the right time through the right channel for the right price. Students will gain insights into practical applications of RM, get familiar with the underlying models and methods and enhance their analytical skills.


    OPM 691 Supply Risk Management

    In many industries, the implementation of various efficiency- and/or responsiveness-seeking supply (chain) initiatives has created conditions for supply disruptions to become more widespread and severe. Recent examples have demonstrated that the occurrence of such events can result in substantial losses in shareholder value, sales, production, and reputation for the firms involved.
    This module offers an introduction to the timely topic of supply risk management.


    OPM 692 Advanced Procurement

    This course is of interest to students seeking more in-depth knowledge of advanced tools in procurement and more understanding of the mechanisms that build the foundation of procurement research and practice. For each topic covered, concepts, frameworks and analytic tools are presented.


  • Additional Courses

    All courses that will be offered in academic year FSS 2019 / HWS 2019 for students can be seen in the Modulkatalog »

    Short description of OPM additional courses

    OPM 503 Verkehrs­betriebs­lehre I – Landverkehr und Schifffahrt
    Nach Abschluss des Moduls verstehen die Teilnehmer die Funktions­weise der Landverkehrs- und Schifffahrtsmärkte. Deutlich werden die Bedeutung und Beiträge der Verkehrs­wirtschaft für das Supply Chain Management und den Welthandel.


    OPM 504 Verkehrs­betriebs­lehre II – Luftverkehr
    Diese Vorlesung gibt eine Einführung in die sich dynamisch verändernde Welt des Luftverkehrs. Die einzelnen Lernblöcke umfassen die Themen: Luftverkehrs­geschichte, Technik des Luftverkehrs, Luftverkehr und Umwelt, Luftverkehrs­entwicklung und -prognosen, Luftverkehrs­politik, Management von Flug­gesellschaften (Strategien, Flugbetrieb, Finanzierung, Marketing und Vertrieb usw.), Luftfrachtverkehr, Flughäfen und Flugsicherung


    OPM 544 Demand-Driven Adaptive Supply Chain Planning
    This course discusses how SCM and Demand-Driven Adaptive Planning Principals can be supported by integrated business planning systems. Key topics include demand planning, supply network planning, production planning & scheduling, as well as other related topics, such as global availability check, inventory & supply network replenishment.


    OPM 545 Cases on Current Issues in Supply Chain Management
    This course addresses current issues in supply chain management practice. Specific topics include, e.g., supply chain inventory assessment, sales and operations planning, supply chain performance measurement, and supply chain organization. These topics will be addressed in the context of real-life cases from consultancy practice. Participants will work on these cases in groups of two or three.


    OPM 550 International Course – Operations Management

    The formal requirements of the international course are that the level of the course corresponds to the level of a standard Mannheim Master's course (minimum 500 level).


    OPM 565 Integrierte Produkt­entwicklung

    In diesem Kurs geht es um die Einführung in die Produkt­entwicklung. Integrierte Produkt­entwicklung (IPE) und Integrated Design Engineering (IDE), Prozess- und Projekt­management, Management des Produktlebenszyklusses (PLM), Produktintegration im IDE, Einführung in CAx-Systeme (CAD, CAP, CAM, CAQ, Simulation und Berechnung) und Bestimmen der Wirtschaft­lichkeit


    OPM 701 Research Seminar Supply Chain Management
    The goal of this seminar is to introduce the participants to the conducting of scientific research. It thereby prepares them for the writing of their Master thesis. Participants will carry out a literature study on a given topic in the field of logistics and supply chain management and discuss the results in a written report and in an oral presentation.


    OPM 761 Research Seminar Production Management
    The goal of this seminar is to introduce the participants to conducting scientific research. Thereby, it prepares the students for the writing of their Master thesis. Participants will independently carry out a literature study on a given topic or analyze a decision model in the field of production management using an optimization or simulation tool. The students discuss their findings in a written report and in an oral presentation.


    OPM 781 Research Seminar Service Operations
    Das Forschungs­seminar führt Studenten in das wissenschaft­liche Arbeiten ein, um sie auf Ihre Master­arbeit vorzubereiten. Teilnehmer führen eine Literatur­analyse zu einem gegebenen Thema durch, analysieren ein entsprechendes Entscheidungs­problem aus der Literatur. Die Ergebnisse sollen in einem Paper zusammengefasst werden und in einem Vortrag im Seminar präsentiert werden.

    OPM 791 Research Seminar Procurement
    This research seminar examines current procurement topics from a research perspective. Students will deepen their understanding of procurement and supply chain research and its implications for practice.