OPM 582 - Case Studies in Service Operations Management

in German English

Offering: Fall term

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Cornelia Schön, M. Sc. David Topchishvili

Contents: Sustainability or sustainable development is one of the most critical topics of the 21st century. It incorporates many different topics, such as climate change, social justice and inequality, pollution and waste management, resource availability and many more topics. Managing in a sustainable way is becoming a topic of increasing importance across industries. It requires integration between operations, strategy, technology, and other issues from an integrated viewpoint.

This course reviews managerial concepts and selected analytical tools for effectively and efficiently managing the transitions towards sustainable operations. In particular, the goal is to apply the theory to various cases studies of firms covering a broad range of industries as well as functions.

The course should be useful for anyone with an intention of going into professional services such as consulting; into industry (service or manufacturing), where the importance of man-aging operations in a sustainable way is increasing every day; or with a desire to set up their own business.

Form of assessment: Assignment(s)/work on case studies (in teams of two), final presentation and written report with case analysis, class participation. (You may use our master thesis template for your written report.)

Language: English


Prerequisites: Participants should be familiar with the fundamentals of operations and service operations management. Furthermore, students need a basic knowledge in mathematics (including linear programming) and in statistics (probability distributions).

Registration: The course is limited to 20 participants. Students can register through Portal2 (Modul „Anmeldepflichtige Veranstaltungen MMM“).