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Master's Thesis (MaKuWi)

General Information

Lecturer Prof. Dr. Laura Marie Edinger-Schons, Christina Kannegießer, Svenja Tobies, Manuel Reppmann, Moritz Appels
Course Format Master’s thesis
Credit Points 24 ECTS
Frequency Every semester
Language English or German
Grading Research Paper
Pre-requisites MAN 761

Further Information

  • Topics

    Currently offered topics for master theses:

    Topic Supervisor
    The Effect of Digitalization on the Organizational Resilience in the German Non-Profit Sector – a Qualitative Study Manuel Reppmann
    Creating Customer Extra-Role Behavior through CSR Communication – an Empirical Study Manuel Reppmann
    Antecedents of Consumers’ Trust in Artificial Intelligence – an Empirical Study Manuel Reppmann
    Activating the Sustainable Consumer: The Role of Psychological Ownership Manuel Reppmann
    The Elusive Green Consumer: Investigating Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Sustainable Products in an Online Shop Simulation Manuel Reppmann
    Stakeholder Perceptions of Social Enterprises – A Focus-Group Interview Study Christina Kannegießer
    The Underlying Psychological Mechanisms of Corporate Social Responsibility Perceptions – A Focus-Group Interview Study Christina Kannegießer
    Consumer Perceptions of Profit – An Empirical Study Christina Kannegießer
    “We Care About Our Stakeholders” – An Interview Study on Corporate Stakeholder Engagement Processes Svenja Tobies
    Fear, Skepticism or Ignorance? – An Empirical Study on Individual Rejection of Sustainability Svenja Tobies
    Engaging the Unengaged – A Focus-Group Study of Citizens’ (Non-)Engagement in Sustainability Processes Svenja Tobies
    Employer Attractiveness of Higher Education Institutions – An Empirical Study Laura Marie Edinger-Schons
    Sustainabililty of Higher Education Institutions – The Case of University of Mannheim Laura Marie Edinger-Schons
    What is the Price of a Human Life? An Experimental Study of Perceptions of the Legitimacy of Monetizing Social Impacts Laura Marie Edinger-Schons
    Insider or Outsider? An Empirical Study on the Perceived Borders of the Organization Svenja Tobies
    Corporate Climate Strategies – a new tool for Greenwashing? Laura Marie Edinger-Schons
    Corporate Digital Responsibility – An Empirical Study on Consumer Perceptions Laura Marie Edinger-Schons
    Using hypothetical brands in experiments – common methodological design choices and their consequences Laura Marie Edinger-Schons
    Worker wellbeing in international supply chains – the role of participation Laura Marie Edinger-Schons
    Corporate Socio-Political Activism in an international perspective – the role of cultural differences Laura Marie Edinger-Schons
    Sustainability communication via social media – a new tool for stakeholder dialogue? Laura Marie Edinger-Schons
    Eating animals – consumers' ambivalent reactions to (non-)sustainable consumption Laura Marie Edinger-Schons
    Digital platforms for smallholder farmer training – a qualitative study Laura Marie Edinger-Schons

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  • Guidelines

    The time allowed for completing the master thesis is four months, beginning from the official registration of the thesis.

    Feel free to use our title page template in English or German.

    Before writing your thesis, please read these guidelines.

    Please refer to your “Prüfungs­ordnung” for further details.

  • Application

    Please ask Mr. Hempen for the application form. (Please consult your “Prüfungs­ordnung” for more information.)