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Our guest lectures are announced on this page. Please stay tuned for our guest lectures for the Fall semester 2018. In the meanwhile, see some of our previous guest lectures on our YouTube channel:

Sustainable Business Summit

General Information

A further offer for students, which we organize every semester, is the Digital Changemakers Summit. This is a hackathon with up to 60 participants, at which we address different topics each semester (e.g., sustainable food). On two days, lectures and workshops are held on the respective topic which will also be made available via our Youtube channel for those who were not able to attend. Within the workshops, students together with practitioners to develop mock-ups of digital solutions for social and environmental problems. The goal of the event series is to bring the topics of sustainability and digitalization together and to raise awareness for the positive potential of digitalization for sustainable development.

Lecturer Prof. Dr. Laura Marie Edinger-Schons, Dr. Jenni Sipilä, Inken Blatt, Michael Verbücheln
Course Format Seminar
Frequency Every semester
Language English
Pre-requisites None

    Further Information

  • History

    Sustainable Business Summit, originally CSR Wochenende, was held for the first time in Feb. 2008. It has been succeeded and improved ever since. Currently, it's taken over by the Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility. We'll have an interesting theme for every CSR Wochenende in the future. Please keep a track on our website, take part in, learn and have fun!

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    If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact Jenni Sipilä.

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