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MAN 667 Social Impact Measurement

General Information

Lecturer Prof. Dr. Laura Marie Edinger-Schons; Manuel Reppmann
Course Format Seminar
Credit Points 6 ECTS
Frequency Spring term
Hours per Week 2 (in-class) + 10 (self-study)
Language German
Grading written impact report (12 pages)

Course Structure

The course consists of independent group work, a number of in-class sessions, and individually arranged meetings with the social organisations to undertake the impact measurement. The dates for the in-class sessions are shown below.

Topic Date Time Room
Seminar Session 1+2 24th April, 2020 10:15 - 15:15 tbd
Seminar Session 3 7th May, 2020 10:15 - 15:15 tbd
Seminar Session 4 15th May, 2020 10:15 - 15:15 tbd
Seminar Session 5 29th May, 2020 10:15 - 15:15 tbd

    Further Information

  • Brief Description

    An increasing number of organizations ranging from non-profits to purpose-driven corporations apply methods to empirically capture their social impact. In this seminar, students will participate in a series of workshops on the topic of social impact measurement together with a group of social organizations from the Rhine-Neckar Region. To apply the acquired knowledge, students will help the social organizations to develop their impact logic and their impact measurement approach. Student teams will collect and analyse data to assess the impact of the social organizations empirically.

    Participants will not only gain a deep understanding of how to develop a social impact logic for a social organization but will also experience the practical implementation of social impact measurement.

  • Application

    Use of registration tool at Portal2 is required.

  • Contact

    If you have any questions regarding this seminar, please don't hesitate to contact Manuel Reppmann.

    Manuel Reppmann, M.Sc.

    Manuel Reppmann, M.Sc.

    Universität Mannheim
    Lehr­stuhl für Unternehmens­verantwortung
    Schneckenhof Ost – Raum SO 104
    68161 Mannheim
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Updated: January 2020