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MAN 687 Sustainability Frameworks & Regulation

General Information

Lecturer Yvonne Zwick
Examiner Prof. Dr. Laura Marie Edinger-Schons
Course Format Seminar
Credit Points 6 ECTS
Frequency Spring term 2022
Hours per Week 2 (in-class) + 15 (self-study)
Language English
Grading 40% Final assignment; 60% Group presentation
Formal Prerequisites none
Recommended Prerequisites General interest in the topic of sustainable business

Course Structure

Topic Date Time
Kick-Off and Introduction to the Topic: The political background, and first overview on sustainability reporting frameworks and management guidelines 17th March 2022 15:30 – 18:45
Group work, presentations of interim results and discussion 18th March 2022 15:30 – 18:45
More input on sustainability frameworks, group work, and preparation for final presentations 24th March 2022 15:30 – 18:45
Final Presentations 25th March 2022 15:30 – 18:45

Further Information

  • Brief Description

    Reporting frameworks and management guidelines for business to foster sustainable business conduct have quickly evolved over the last decades. Even to date, the debates about adequate transparency measures and respective indicators for sustainability performance are under way and intensified through numerous standard setting processes. Many see corporate responsibility as an essentially contested concept. Consolidation and standardization are necessary steps to ensure effective regulation, reporting, and thus transparency.

    In this course, participants…

    • gain an overview of the current developments;
    • will get to know the dimensions of sustainable development as political concept
    • study the existing and upcoming regulatory frameworks for sustainable business;
    • will develop structured overview of the multitude of sustainability frameworks
    • and form their own critical understanding of the concept of sustainable business conduct, its implications for management and reporting.
  • Application

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  • Contact

    If you have any questions regarding this seminar, please don't hesitate to contact sustainablebusiness

Updated: January 2022