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MAN 689 Change Management and Organizational Dynamics

General Information

Lecturer Julia Jaspers
Examiner Prof. Dr. Laura Marie Edinger-Schons
Course Format Seminar
Credit Points 6 ECTS
Frequency Fall term 2022
Hours per Week 2 (in-class) + 15 (self-study)
Language English
Grading 30% Group presentation; 70% Final assignment
Formal Prerequisites none
Recommended Prerequisites General interest in the topic of sustainable business

Course Structure

Date Time
18th November, 2022 15.30 – 18.45
1st December, 2022 10.15 – 17.00
2nd December, 2022 10.15 – 17.00

Further Information

  • Brief Description

    Making an organization more sustainable oftentimes means introducing change to the organization which may lead to resistance. Such change processes have to be carefully designed and managed to be effective and managers need to have a clear understanding of stakeholder attitudes and organizational dynamics.

    Learning outcomes:

    In this course, participants…

    • learn the basic theoretical concepts with regard to organizational change management;
    • engage in discussions about the potential implications of sustainability-related change on organizations and their employees;
    • and gain insights into methods that can be applied to successfully manage such transformations while engaging the organizational members.
  • Application

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  • Contact

    If you have any questions regarding this seminar, please don't hesitate to contact sustainablebusiness

Updated: August 2022